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About IRC

An Introduction to Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a multi-user, multi-channel chat system that is run on a Network. It gives people all over the world the ability to talk (type) to one another in real time. Each user has a nickname (handle) and converses with other users either in private or on a channel (chat room).

What Software Do I Need?: IRC Clients

To run IRC, you need an IRC program, commonly called a Client. There are a wide variety of IRC programs available. The most popular Macintosh IRC client is Ircle.  The best Windows based IRC client, bar none, is mIRC. It's easy to use, menu/icon driven, and highly configurable. Most of the people on IRC use it, and those that don't soon throw out what they are using and convert to it.  Follow these links to install mIRC:

   Download mIRC -- Highly Recommended.

    mIRC Setup Instructions

Further Details/mIRC Help

If you have anymore questions, the following pages should cover just about everything..


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