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Your Fearless Leader

Now for a little bit about me.  My name's Allen and I'm from Cleveland, Ohio.   I'm 29 years old and I live at home.  I have a spinal cord injury, C6 complete, and I depend alot on my family (they're very good people).  Infact, I have alot of good people caring for me.  As for my interests, I love the computer.  I was a voracious reader when I was younger and the internet is a vast wealth of information (enough to keep me very occupied).  I speak and read some French and I like to talk with people from all over the world.  I would love to travel.  I'm single and I would like to meet an English or French woman but I'm not too serious at this point (I would also eventually like to have children).  I follow spinal cord injury research very closely  I hope to be walking again in the next several years.  Well, thats me.  By the way, here's my personal webpage: