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hi i just run into this site and though i'd try this one for i have been in a wheelchair for 18 years due to getting shot in the head and been a long road back but i never give up and still exerise everyday and do live alone in the country with help only 5hrs aday i'm older and more wiser now just retited from selling all my business and was a retired steelworker of 27 years.

i' a very young looking 60 yr. old male 5-7 brown-hair blue-eyes 195lb  with a musular body and can do just about anything just a little slower than others i like to fish,shop,travel,and of course cut my grass around my house which is about 3 akeras of it from my tractor which i had built for me.and i'm looking for a honest attrative lady from 39-60 a n/s andshould be playfull for i am not dead yet.

well i guess thats about all but one thing i proably could and will teach anyone everythig i have learn about thisbeing handicapped for at one time i could only move my eyeballs and have came a long way back to wear i can live alone and tranfer myself it's a long story but the bottom line is never give up and keep trying and it will come i hope well thanks if anyone needs to talk write me at